NxtGov in 2021: Call for Nominations and Volunteers

NxtGov in 2021: Call for Nominations and Volunteers

NxtGov is looking for passionate leaders and volunteers who can help make 2021 our most impactful year yet! If you’re looking to join a team of individuals working to improve and amplify the impact of the public sector, NxtGov is your community! 

 Leadership nominations will close Sunday, December 27 and the new leadership team will start their work at the beginning of January.

What is NxtGov?

NxtGov is a nonpartisan, service-oriented 501(c)6 nonprofit organization (federal designation pending) working  to improve the public sector so we can, in turn, better serve the public. The NxtGov community doesn’t just include people who work for the public sector; it also includes those who work with or are interested in public service more broadly.  

What Does NxtGov Do?

We know government works better when agencies, organizations, and individuals work together. Unfortunately, collaboration isn’t always prioritized or possible in government agencies, which results in lost opportunities to learn from each other and build complementary policies and programs. 

NxtGov supports the development of collaborative, silo-breaking  relationships and opportunities.  We strive to enhance the capacity of California’s government by fostering a community that is committed to building bridges and lasting connections. 

NxtGov has three programmatic focuses, each of which is overseen by a Director who plans and produces related events, projects, and content: 

  • Community Engagement: Organizes opportunities for our membership to engage with and support our community through community services projects. In 2020 these have been transformed to remote volunteering through letter writing, phone calls, and socially distant trash clean-up in our own neighborhoods. 
  • Public Recruitment: Supports individuals who are interested in and applying for public sector jobs. Provided monthly How to Get a State Job webinars throughout 2020.
  • Professional Development: Offers training and workshops for the professional growth of civil servants and their teams. This year we started a virtual Anti-Racist Learning and Action Group for our members.

These programmatic areas are supported by two additional positions:

  • Director of External Communications: In support of all of NxtGov’s programming, the Communications team develops advertising strategies, designs graphics, and promotes events and content on social media platforms, our website and blog, as well as the monthly newsletter. 
  • Membership Officer: In addition to serving and representing the NxtGov membership, this position serves on the NxtGov non-profit board with legal and fiduciary responsibilities. 

Anyone can get involved in any or all of the program areas above. If you’re interested, check out our website, join our Slack channel, or email Collaborate@NxtGov.org to learn more! 

Am I Qualified to Lead? 

Anyone with a passion for serving others is qualified to make a difference, regardless of experience or knowledge of the public sector! Individuals who are interested in learning about or improving the public sector can support NxtGov’s mission by participating in an event, leading a project, or serving as a member of NxtGov’s Leadership Team. There are many ways to plug in to NxtGov, gain experience, and build a community of public servants! 

How Can I Get Involved?

If you would like to nominate yourself or others to join the NxtGov Leadership Team, please review the vacant position descriptions and fill out this form. The deadline for nominations is Sunday, December 27. Nominations will be reviewed and confirmed by the Board at the end of December, with the new leadership team taking office at the beginning of 2021. If you are interested in volunteering in general, or have a project you would like NxtGov to take on, please fill out this form

After receiving your completed submission, a member of the NxtGov Leadership Team will follow up with each nominee and potential volunteer to help align your interests with the operations of the organization. We look forward to working with you! 

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to email Collaborate@NxtGov.org

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