Help Us Make State Government Better

Help Us Make State Government Better

NxtGov’s New Model of Change for 2022

In the past, NxtGov has focused on hosting events designed to help people enter the public sector, serve the community, and grow within their careers. While these types of events will continue, in 2022 we will be focusing more of our efforts on building coalitions of volunteers to identify and pursue opportunities to help the State of California run more effectively and efficiently.

It Starts Now, With Your Help

Before we can pursue solutions to improve State government, we first need to understand what issues and opportunities exist. To that end, we want to shape our priorities in 2022 around your perspective on an important question: How can the State of California be more effective and efficient in its mission to serve the public interest?

Everyone in the state has some kind of relationship to State government, so whether your answer to this question includes thoughts about a government process, an aspect of government culture, or something entirely different, we would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Complete our Listening Sessions Form to share your thoughts about how State government could be better All answers are anonymous and multiple answers are appreciated.

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial organization that is not connected to any one government entity.