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Vote: A Message and an Invitation

Vote: A Message and an Invitation

*updated 11/8/18

We are a nonpartisan organization, but we recognize the opportunity of engaging in the process of electing leaders that reflect our values. Election Day brought a significant increase in civic engagement in most of the country.

NxtGov is hosting our Election Event this Friday November 9th.

This smaller, but significant election represents our work in serving the public, collaborating across the silos, and inspiring the current and next generation of public servants; those that will stay and continue to serve for a better good no matter the politics.

The NxtGov Executive Team Election is a representation of growth and the acceptance of change. We learn, we grow, we pay it forward, and we adapt.

Over the last year, NxtGov has continued to expand thanks to the support from our members, leaders and partners. It is your support that allows us to flourish in our mission to bring pride back to public service and break the silos that can help us transform government.

The diversity of our effort is uplifting.

Our NxtGov Ambassadors represent 15 departments across state and local government with experience spanning from a few months to 10 or more years in the public/private sector.

Our network has over 400 members from across all backgrounds and we are proud to continue to support local organizations that connect with our values of service, collaboration, and inspiration.

Join us at the NxtGov Election Event Friday, November 9th from 5pm to 7pm at Sacramento City Hall where you will be able to hear from our NxtGov Executive Team Candidates and have the opportunity to meet members, partners, and sponsors; including one of our first and biggest supporters, GovOps Agency Secretary Marybel Batjer.

You can still engage and support our public servant leaders. They are ready to take NxtGov to the next level. Cast your vote now.



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Meet the Candidates

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PS: As we enter the month of Thanksgiving, I want to recognize and give thanks to our current Executive Team. You have all been there from the start and it’s your dedication to our mission and the passion that you bring to your role that generated the energy and support that has taken us this far and allowed us to grow. I am forever thankful.

NxtGov December News

NxtGov December News

Governing Leadership Forum
Angie, Shivani, and Danielle of NxtGov’s executive board recently discussed NxtGov’s work during a panel discussion, moderated by Secretary Batjer of GovOps, at the California Leadership Forum. Thanks to this opportunity, NxtGov has received an outpouring of interest and support from executives and leaders across state and local government. The panel highlighted executive sponsorship and the NxtGov Ambassador Program as important ways to support the work of NxtGov.
Ambassador Program
Are you interested in building partnerships with other sectors and collaborating across agencies? Want a place to represent your organization and share perspectives on issues California state government faces? As a NxtGov Ambassador, you will be active in connecting public servants you know with all the opportunities NxtGov has to offer. Some of these opportunities include:
– Policy brown-bags with State Executives to bring awareness of the key issues affecting our current and future workforce.
– Representing your organization at inter-departmental round table discussions on issues, concerns, questions, and ideas to strengthen our workforce and better serve California. 
Apply Here!
Community Engagement with CalYMCA
When: Friday, February 16th or Saturday, February 17th
Where: State Capitol

This February, NxtGov is partnering with CalYMCA by providing mentorship to high school students interested in public service careers! Through the annual Youth and Government conference, NxtGov will speak to hundreds of high school students visiting Sacramento through a series of panels. Topics will range from from department area (Finance to Education to State Treasurer’s Office) to personal identity (women in public service, people of color in public service). We need your help to field enough public servants for these panels! Specific panel topics will be determined through the interest of those who sign up. Please email us if you can volunteer to speak or would like to help coordinate!

I’d Like to Participate
Children’s Receiving Home
NxtGov is sponsoring a donation drive for Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento (CRH) to help children in need. Please join us in this cause and in the opportunity to give back to the community. There are two different ways to contribute. You can receive an angel with items children need (items can vary from toys, clothing, shoes, etc) or you can donate online towards children’s activities such as therapy sessions here: If you are interested in the angel, please contact Shivani Bose-Varela ( or Meagan Tokunaga  ( We will be collecting all item donations by December 15th but if you contact Shivani or Meagan we can work out logistics with you.

About CRH: Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento has been a refuge for children and youth affected by abuse, neglect and trauma. They are the first line of defense for children and youth who have been removed from their homes.

Happy Holidays from NxtGov
2017 flew by and we have been busy! In the past year we have:
– spoken to future public servants at the UC Center to recruit them into government,
– held brown bag sessions with fellow employees to discuss everyday challenges in the workplace,
– attended events like the CA Leadership Forum to discuss those very same issues with our government leaders,
– consulted CalHR and CDT on policy matters,
– volunteered with local nonprofits and
– shared our experiences over drinks at happy hour!
Our goal is to improve government and our workplace by building a network of innovators that believe in public service – from employees who are being on-boarded to top-level executives. With you and our partners we strongly believe we can make a difference. 2018 will be bigger and we look forward to having you join us with this journey.
Join Here
Happy holidays and we hope to see you soon

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial organization that is not connected to any one government entity.

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