NxtGov 2019 Election Results

NxtGov 2019 Election Results

Welcome the incoming leaders of NxtGov!

The Election Event is one of the few times a year we get together with all members and supporters of NxtGov. This event was focused on electing a Membership Officer to the NxtGov Board, and nominating Directors to the NxtGov Councils

The month of December will be spent on-boarding and transitioning. We can’t wait to start the new year ready to embrace 2020 with a new energy! We have so much to look forward to in the year ahead.

New Team!

Below are the results of the election event. Congratulations to the incoming leaders of NxtGov!

Membership Officer (Elected Board Member)

Angela Kranz

What is your vision for the position you're running for?

If elected as the Membership Officer, I hope to advocate for member needs on the Board by bringing member concerns to light and ensuring that new policy changes are shaped in part by those concerns. I would like to connect with members, both new and old, and help to develop processes through which people with divergent opinions can find common ground. Overall, my goal would be to help the Board understand the multiple visions that members have for what NxtGov will look like in this new chapter of its development.

How do you demonstrate NxtGov's mission and values?

I'm excited to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds, and I think of myself as open-minded and willing to be wrong. In my experience teaching undergraduate classes, I have tried to build relationships and support students, and in my experience working at nonprofits I have worked to improve policies and broaden opportunity.

What is the culture you'd like to build within NxtGov Membership?

I'd like to help build a community where people feel that they belong and where they can learn from others and develop professionally. My hope is to support the continued development of an engaged and active membership who attends events and contributes to conversations about NxtGov's development because they see its value to themselves and others.

What else would you like to share about yourself?

As well as connecting with members, I'd enjoy using my data and research skills to help the Board understand membership trends, bring potential issues to light, and provide information about organizational challenges. I'm new to state service and started working as a researcher with CDCR/DHCS in July.

Director of Community Engagement (Nominated- Council Member)

Kelly Joy

kelly joy headshot

What is your vision for the Council/Director position you're running for?

The Community Engagement Team at NxtGov has volunteered at a variety of events in the past and already made a meaningful difference in the community. I am proud of the work we have done so far, and I am also a strong believer in looking for ways to continuously improve upon existing practices. I believe now that we have taken the time to lay the necessary groundwork, our Committee can work towards being more proactive with deciding how, when and where to engage with the community and partner with other organizations. As the Director of Community Engagement for NxtGov, I would focus on strengthening existing partnerships, streamlining our current processes and collaborating with other NxtGov teams to leverage our own talent in ways that benefit the community.

I would like to make a concerted effort to sustain relationships with organizations we have partnered with in the past. Many of the current volunteer opportunities we host are singular, “one off” events. If we put in some extra effort to maintain contact with those organizations, it allows us to build off of our past contributions and better advance our mission. The same can be said for volunteers. I think we can do more to engage those who have volunteered with us in the past and connect them to future opportunities to participate in NxtGov.

I also believe that our Community Engagement Committee is now in a position where it can consider how to streamline its internal processes. One idea I would like to explore is the creation of a Community Engagement Subcommittee that would do research and keep a pulse on upcoming events in the community. Instead of brainstorming potential ideas for events during our monthly Community Engagement Committee meetings, the Subcommittee members can do that research ahead of time. This will make the best use of our shared time as a larger group to narrow down the options that we have already considered and vetted.

I also want to prioritize collaboration with the other NxtGov committees and find ways to leverage our own talent to benefit the community. There is so much expertise in NxtGov already, and I am excited about creating opportunities to share that knowledge with others. For example, I would like to follow through on a suggestion from one of our NxtGov members and create “Applyathon” events where NxtGov members assist prospective and current State of California employees who want help applying to jobs within the state government. This event could be hosted jointly with members of the Professional Development and Recruitment teams at NxtGov, and I believe it would be a great benefit to the community as a whole.

Perhaps most importantly, my vision for the future of the Community Engagement Committee includes engaging and supporting our own members. I see so much potential in what we can accomplish in this organization, and I know I need everyone’s help for us to get there. I believe we will all be at our best when working as an inclusive team that values and trusts one another.

How do you demonstrate NxtGov's mission and values?

I joined the Community Engagement Committee in January 2019 because of my passion for community service and my desire to collaborate with others with shared interests. In my role as the Marketing Officer, I have created content in the form of event flyers, blog posts, etc. in order to share our work more widely with the community. I frequently attend events affiliated with the Community Engagement Committee and NxtGov in general. That said, I consider myself to be more than a passive supporter. I am always looking for new ways to contribute and innovate upon what we are currently doing, including posting new job opportunities I hear about for all of our NxtGov members. I have always tried to lead by example, and I believe in empowering all members of a team when working towards achieving goals.

What else would you like to share about yourself?

Before joining the State of California as a Research Data Specialist II, I spent time working in academia, the private sector, nonprofits and volunteer-based organizations. I have learned a great deal working for a variety of employers, and I have been excited to contribute my skillset in the public sector. That said, I found it was not easy to “break in” to working at the State. I was lucky enough to have friends who showed me how to apply to jobs, but not everyone has that luxury. I want to pay this opportunity forward by mentoring others and helping them accomplish their goals as well.

Director of Professional Development (Nominated- Council Member)

KC Mohseni

What is your vision for the Council/Director position you're running for?

The position of the Director of Professional Development has the potential to have a significant positive impact on Nxtgov members. As the Director of Professional Development, I would focus on four objectives: assisting individuals interested in joining civil service, developing upward mobility strategies for civil service employees, informing civil service employees about various training opportunities generally available to them, and creating a support network for civil service employees to receive advice from one another. By demystifying state processes around hiring, upward mobility, and training opportunities, and fostering a collaborative environment where Nxtgov members can tap into the collective experience of one another, the Director of Professional Development would be at the forefront of providing value to Nxtgov members.

As a civil servant with 6 ½ years with the State, I have helped numerous people get their foot in the door. I have learned that even the most motivated applicants need assistance navigating the State system. As the Director of Professional Development, I would work with the Professional Development Committee to advise those interested in a civil service career in identifying job opportunities, the State examination process, developing a resume designed to attract hiring managers and establish minimum qualifications for HR review, and preparing for interviews.

For those already in civil service, I would focus on upward mobility and training opportunities. In my experience, many civil servants find it difficult to cross over to new classification series. The jumps from clerical to analyst positions, and from analytical positions to management seem to be especially challenging. As the Director, I would work with members on an individual basis to understand their career goals and to assist them with taking the next step. In addition, I have a strong working knowledge of the various trainings available to civil service employees interested in developing job-specific and transferable skills. I will help members find trainings that they’re interested in, and assist them with integrating those trainings into their individual development plans (IDPs). Part of professional development includes taking on new challenges and special projects. I have found that this can be an intimidating prospect for many people.

As the Director of Professional Development, I would foster a collaborative environment within Nxtgov, where members will be encouraged to seek advice from subject matter experts within our organization. I myself can give advice to members who need help with fiscal issues, procurement strategies, and project management. By assisting with key areas in professional development, I believe

I would provide an important service to our members, and further the mission and values of Nxtgov.  

How do you demonstrate NxtGov's mission and values?

I am a dedicated civil servant with 6 ½ years of experience. In my time with the State, I have been focused on removing silos and doing my part to promote efficient and effective government. I have actively promoted civil service as a good career path to intelligent and hardworking people in my network, and have assisted individuals with getting their foot in the door. In addition, I am an active member of the Community Engagement Committee, and have participated in many of the volunteer opportunities provided by Nxtgov.

What else would you like to share about yourself?

Personally, I am a proud husband and father of a sweet little toddler, who has been dubbed the “Nxtgov Mascot” because she attends the volunteer events with us. My wife is also a civil servant and an active Nxtgov member. I am a native of Orange County, but have lived in the Sacramento area for 10 years.

Ambassador Program Director (Nominated- Council Member)

Araceli Mohseni

What is your vision for the Council/Director position you're running for?

My goal is to work towards increasing the number of ambassadors committed to helping NxtGov flourish. If given the opportunity, as the Ambassador Program Director, I would like to identify key responsibilities that can help define the ambassador role. The Ambassador Program is unique in that its members can collaborate with other committees to fill a particular need. As NxtGov ambassadors, we have the opportunity to unite all NxtGov members across committees. Ambassadors may also become mentors to new NxtGov members to ensure that our membership remains strong. Ambassadors may also help promote the program. These and other roles can be discussed with the Board to identify the best way to channel the Ambassador Program.

How do you demonstrate NxtGov's mission and values?

I am passionate about breaking down current silos that exist within government. I would like to see a network of government professionals from different state departments and local governments engage with one another. We all serve California residents and it is important to collaborate to be able to innovative solutions that can impact more than one facet of government.

What else would you like to share about yourself?

I have been serving the state of California for seven years in different capacities and I appreciate all of the opportunities that I’ve had along the way. I believe in government as a way to serve the majority and I believe that this should be done in the most efficient manner possible. I also know that this cannot happen if we operate in silos. The best moments I’ve seen in my state career have been where I’ve witnessed collaboration between civil servants across departments and even across government sectors.

New structure!

Effective January 2020, the Board will officially operate to guide the organization into a nonprofit. The current Executive Team will operate as an appointed Council of the board.

This new structure builds on last year by adding a Membership Officer Position to NxtGov’s Board and establishing the current Executive Team as a Council of the Board.

Interested in the changes? Read about the upcoming changes in our three-part blog. 

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial organization that is not connected to any one government entity.

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