Our efforts focus on five areas:

  1. Expanding our network across silos by building our membership
  2. Recruiting of the next generation of public servants
  3. Providing professional development opportunities for current members
  4. Giving back by coordinating monthly community engagement events
  5. Consulting with California government entities looking to incorporate the perspective of the incoming workforce into their projects and strategic agendas.


NxtGov has partnered with various organizations to administer Demystifying State Jobs or How to Get a State Job 101 workshops to encourage civic-minded people and young adults to consider a career in the State. As these partnerships continue to grow, we hope to promote internship and mentorship opportunities.

  • UC Sacramento Quarterly Workshops
  • College recruitment fairs
  • Presentations to youth development, internship and fellowship programs
  • One-on-One coaching


State workers commit their careers to serving the public. But they also give back outside the workweek. Connecting with our communities reminds us of why and who we serve. Putting our faces to the name of state government humanizes our work, and fosters mutual trust. NxtGov hosts monthly volunteer and educational events to help connect with our communities and remind us of why and who we serve.  Past events included partnering with:


We have consulted with state agencies on themes that should be considered when developing programs and policies that affect the newest and incoming workforce. We have successfully:

  • Partnered with CalHR to redesign calcareers.ca.gov to ensure it’s more user friendly for potential applicants.
  • Led the “Redesigning New Employee Orientation (NEO) with NxtGov” interactive workshop at the CalHR 2017 Conference where we introduced concepts of user-centered design and best practices when onboarding new employees.
  • Consulted the CA Department of Technology in the creation of their Strategic Plan Vision 2020. 
  • Facilitated Policy discussions with department leaders for the Civil Service Improvement Initiative and ensured that each team working on this initiative had at least one “millennial” represented in their workgroup.