A special invitation…

In the past year NxtGov has contributed to the state’s strategic plan for information technology, advanced civil service improvement efforts, inspired students to pursue a career in state service and coordinated community engagement events to promote acts of service in our community like partnering with the Sacramento Food Bank. This is only the beginning, we’ve got much more planned for the coming year!

If you support the work that NxtGov is doing across our state, we’d like to extend this special invitation to you to become a NxtGov Ambassador. As a NxtGov Ambassador, you’ll be active in connecting the public servants you know with all the opportunities NxtGov has to offer. You will be a vital link to expanding NxtGov and promoting meaningful collaboration among emerging leaders statewide.

NxtGov is a platform of change providing all this and more to over 100 members (and growing)! Our membership encompasses several state employees across multiple departments and agencies. Members are our focus and drive growth through recruitment of passionate colleagues they meet everyday.

NxtGov Ambassadors spread the word and get others connected by sharing announcements about upcoming events through social media and email, chatting with new employees about ways to get involved and network, or even hosting the NxtGov e-board to share more about becoming a member.

Please contact us right away if you have questions or to confirm your interest in becoming a NxtGov Ambassador. We hope you’ll take full advantage of the opportunity to grow professionally as you connect our state government’s emerging leaders and participate fully in our collaborative and innovative space.


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