How can you mobilize across generations to transform public service?

How can you mobilize across generations to transform public service?

Every movement requires iteration and growth

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(2 of 3) Through every iteration of NxtGov we grow, learn, and adapt. 

As a nonpartisan organization, we recognize the value in having a process of electing and nominating leaders that reflect our values. This small, but significant election represents the values of serving the public, collaborating across the silos, and inspiring the current and next generation of public servants; those that will stay and continue to serve for a better good. 

The dedication of our team has allowed us to accomplish so much in 2018-2019! 

Some notable mentions include:

  • Executive Team Strategic Plan: We adopted our strategic plan, with input from our membership and key stakeholders through initial surveys. The plan formalizes our mission, includes a communication plan, and establishes short-term and long-term goals through 2021.
  • (Nearly) Countless Events: We are proud of the endless opportunities provided through our three committees, including: 37 hosted events, 28 organized regular meetings, and 7 events attended in partnership with external partners.
  • Membership Growth: Hundreds of members have joined our email list and Slack workspace! We hit 100 Slack members in June and have already increased our users by 50%.
  • Communications (New Look!): Check out our social media strategy, public LinkedIn group, business cards, and official email addresses.  We’ve seen hundreds of new social media followers join our network.
  • Ambassador Program: This year we welcomed 21 new members to the ambassador program. Our 2018 NxtGov Ambassadors represent 10 organizations across state and local government with experience spanning from a few months to 10 or more years in the public/private sector. 
  • Well on our path to non-profit 501(c)(6): Filed our Articles of Incorporation with the California Secretary of State, we filled some key board positions, we finished drafting the Bylaws and introduced a new organizational chart and up next will be to finalize paperwork with IRS.

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For any questions about the upcoming opportunities and changes, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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