NxtGov in 2022: Call for Nominations and Volunteers

NxtGov in 2022: Call for Nominations and Volunteers

Want to make a difference alongside a group of individuals passionate about public service? Run for a NxtGov leadership position!

NxtGov recently received our official designation as a federal 501(c)6 non-profit organization and we’re kickstarting a new chapter of NxtGov. While our traditional programming will continue, in 2022 we will be focusing more of our efforts on building coalitions of volunteers to identify and pursue opportunities to help the State of California run more effectively and efficiently. 

To that end, we’ll be conducting Listening Sessions to better understand what issues and opportunities exist. The remaining listening sessions will be on Thursday, October 14th (virtual) and Thursday, October 21 (in-person), please go to our Upcoming Events for specific event details. The priorities that come out of the listening session will shape NxtGov’s priorities for 2022. If you want to help us achieve those priorities or if you’re looking for a way to connect, volunteer, and improve the impact of government, NxtGov is here for you!

Please find the list of available positions here. Nominate yourself or others by filling out this form. Email Collaborate@NxtGov.org with any questions! Leadership nominations will close Friday, October 29th and the new leadership team will start their work at the beginning of January 2022. Read on to learn more about NxtGov and what areas you can plug into!


What is NxtGov?
NxtGov is a nonpartisan, service-oriented 501(c)6 nonprofit organization that works to improve the public sector so it can, in turn, better serve the public. The NxtGov community doesn’t just include people who work for the public sector; it also includes those who work with or are interested in public service more broadly.  

What Does NxtGov Do?

We know government works better when agencies, teams, and individuals work together. Unfortunately, collaboration doesn’t always happen, resulting in lost opportunities to learn from each other and build complementary policies and programs. 

NxtGov is a platform that supports these kinds of opportunities.  We strive to enhance the collaborative capacity of California’s governments by fostering a community that is committed to building bridges across government silos. 

As a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization, NxtGov is overseen by its Board of Directors who is responsible for directing the administrative operations and guiding the programmatic actions of the organization. The Board Members include:

  • President: The President presides at all meetings; represents NxtGov at official functions
  • Vice President: The Vice-President acts in the President’s absence or at his or her request. 
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for the funds of the Association, disbursing those funds as directed by the Board.
  • Secretary: The Secretary keeps all records and minutes of the Board and general meetings.
  • Membership Officer: The Membership Officer represents the interests of all members and actively demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion for all members.

NxtGov also has an Executive Council with four Directors: 

  • Community Engagement: Supports any members of the public who are interested in serving others and/or learning more about the public sector. 
  • Public Recruitment: Supports individuals who are looking and applying for jobs with the State of California’s Executive Branch. 
  • Professional Development: Supports the personal and professional growth of individuals employed by the State of California and their teams. 
  • External Communications:  This position supports NxtGov’s external communications between our program areas and the general NxtGov community. 

Anyone can get involved in any or all of the program areas above. If you’re interested, check out our website and email Collaborate@NxtGov.org to learn more! 

Am I Qualified to Help? 

Anyone with a passion for serving others is qualified to make a difference, regardless of experience or knowledge of the public sector! Individuals who are interested in learning about or improving the public sector can support NxtGov’s mission by participating in an event, leading a project, or serving as a member of NxtGov’s Leadership Team. There are many ways to plug in to NxtGov while gaining experience, and building our community of public servants! 

How Can I Get Involved?

If you would like to nominate yourself or others to join the NxtGov Leadership Team, please review the vacant position descriptions here and fill out this form. The deadline for nominations is Friday, October 29th. Nominations will be reviewed and confirmed by the Board at the end of November with the new leadership team taking office at the beginning of 2022. 

After receiving your completed submission, a member of the NxtGov Leadership Team will follow up with each nominee and potential volunteer to help align your interests with the operations of the organization. We look forward to working with you! 

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to email Collaborate@NxtGov.org

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