NxtGov is a social and professional network of current and future public servants within California civil service looking to connect with peers, grow professionally, and partner with other sectors to improve how we serve our state and how we can best support one another.


We are the next generation of public servants that are looking to drive change in government. In a large bureaucracy as big as CA state government, it is often hard to find a place where you can fit in or feel heard. NxtGov is here for you.

Are you looking for a supportive and inclusive network of emerging leaders in California civil service? Interested in opportunities to build partnerships with other sectors and collaborate across agencies? Want a place to share resources and opportunities to spark innovation in California state government?  JOIN US!


By establishing our own platform for change, we have the power to form synergistic connections which will redefine the culture of civil service, making it a competitive workplace for future generations.


  • Establish a supportive and inclusive network
  • Build partnerships with other sectors and interagency collaboration
  • Share resources and opportunities
  • Provide a space in government for innovation


We value serving our communities and the public, collaborating across silos, adapting to the world as it continuously changes, and inspiring our peers to thrive.