NxtGov would like to thank Innovative Pathways to Public Service for its support and collaboration. Innovative Pathways to Public Service works across sectors to bring the next generation into meaningful careers at all levels of government. Their vision is for the public sector to become a destination employer, attracting a more diverse and younger workforce who will experience multiple career opportunities within government employment over the life of their careers. Together we were able to capture inspiring interviews with a diverse group of millennial public servants in Sacramento, California. These interviews would not have been possible without the commitment of this intrepid group and the incredible young public servants who took the time to share their inspiring stories. NxtGov appreciates its volunteers and most importantly thanks them for their dedication and efforts to public service!

four white leather armchairs inside room

Andrew Kehoe – Office of Mayor Darrell Steinberg

Angelica Quirarte – California Government Operations Agency

Danielle Metzinger – California Department of Transportation

Jaskamalpreet Kaur – Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Julian Nunn – California Department of Social Services

Mark Jimenez – California Department of Finance

Meagan Tokunaga – California Department of Finance

Nathalie Nguyen – California Business, Consumer Services Housing Agency

Seth Yund – California Air Resources Board

Treylynd Bowles – California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research

William Pitts – CPS HR Consulting

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