Professional Development

Professional Development

We aim to support continuous growth and establish professional development opportunities and events for our membership.


Breakdown silos, empower and engage government employees through continuous collaboration across public sectors.


Inform, educate, and support employee engagement by providing access to resource information in partnership with inspired leaders; committed to fostering personal development that builds leadership capacity.


Professional Development

  • NxtGov supports the application and practice of new skills learned
  • Create NxtGov internal career network
  • Connect with existing resources and network for trainings
  • Connect with middle management to learn what is wanted/needed from staff
  • Identify membership needs in professional development
  • Strategically reinforce professional development concepts through thematic content development

Committee Member Opportunities

  • Participate in professional development events, and bring friends!
  • Coordinate and organize events
  • Establish new partnerships
  • Host more frequent and involved events
  • Engage existing and new NxtGov members in these efforts
  • Share testimonials and stories about the importance of NxtGov’s professional development
  • Track and measure data and outcomes

Past Events

  • Invest in your future with Savings Plus
  • Personal Budgeting & Finance 101
  • IDP Focus Group
  • Panels
  • Special Happy Hours


DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial organization that is not connected to any one government entity.

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