Why Ongoing Partnerships with Local Organizations Matter

Why Ongoing Partnerships with Local Organizations Matter


On December 19, NxtGov organized a volunteer event at the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services (SFBFS) clothing donation center. This was our third recurring event at the clothing donation center since we committed to an ongoing partnership of volunteering every other month.


I feel so fortunate to be able to give back to such an important organization in our community. While organizing and hanging clothing donations is just one small piece of SFBFS’ work, it means a lot to contribute to the mission and help out the staff. We have also participated in food donation sorting and the annual turkey distribution at SFBFS. There is something special about our continued involvement at the clothing donation center.


As volunteers, we sort clothes that our neighbors have donated to the site. We do not simply hang and sort the clothes—we make the “sales floor” a pleasant and clean refuge for those in need. I like to think that we are a welcoming presence for the shoppers, who sometimes have kids wanting to play or are in search for a special item. We are there when volunteers are abundant and our job is to stock the back for busy times. We are also there when the “sales floor” is in disarray and in need of some love.


Because I have organized a number of volunteer events with SFBFS, I can help train new volunteers—in our group or with others. I have grown to know the full-time employees and look forward to seeing them on our Wednesday nights together.


There is something magical about being a part of something bigger than ourselves. While folding clothes for a few hours is a small action in and of itself, I know that doing so helps brings together like-minded public servants around a culture of service. I cannot wait to see NxtGov continue to spread this mission—and these feelings of connectedness, purpose, and giving.


– Meagan, NxtGov’s Community Engagement Director.

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